9 July 2018 |

Adhesives for artificial grass

Artificial turf has undoubtedly become one of the most used solutions for home, sports facilities or other places of leisure. Thanks to the low cost of maintenance required, there are already many spaces that have this alternative to natural grass. The saving in water, a good as precious as it is scarce at present, is one of the advantages most valued by users.

However, in order for artificial turf to guarantee all these advantages and many more, it must be installed correctly and with the right materials for it. As not all types of artificial turf have the same characteristics or quality guarantees, there are other variables that greatly affect the durability of this. The type of adhesive used to install it is one of them.


How to apply the adhesive correctly?

For the application of artificial grass adhesives it is essential to use bonding bands on which we apply our adhesive forming laces. To start the installation, the first thing to do is to place the strips of grass where they will finally be located, also having a band to join each of these strips.

Subsequently we must raise the joints of each strip and apply the adhesive along the band. Its application can be done manually using a notched spatula or automatically with a dosing machine.

When using bicomponent products, it is important to make the mixture just before application to prevent the product from hardening, causing a defective application. In addition we must pay special attention to the mixture is completely homogeneous.

Once we have managed to join all our strips of grass we must put pressure on them to increase the effectiveness of our bonding. To perform a pressure homogeneously, a metal pressure roller can be used.

Finally granulated rubber is applied on the lawn to improve the properties and safety of it.


What type of adhesive should I use?

The adhesives for artificial turf of Neoflex show for years very satisfactory results.

The excellent application of Neopur 2628 and Neopur 3297 makes them one of the items most demanded by our customers. These adhesives also offer good thixotropy, always at a very good price.

The adhesives Neopur 2915 and Neopur 3331 offer us a better thixotropy, as well as a very good application.

In those places where the climate is too humid, it is necessary to use an adhesive that offers us improved characteristics in resistance to humidity. The Neopur 3331 will be our best option in this case.

In short, we can not speak of a good or bad quality adhesive, everything will depend on the characteristics required for its installation. Therefore, it is always advisable to consult a specialized technician who suggests the most suitable adhesive.