Solvent Base

Solvent-based adhesives: the tradition of adhesives

From its beginnings, Neoflex's main activity has been the development of solvent-based adhesives for applications such as footwear, a booming sector in the geographical area.

In the search for new markets, adhesives were developed for profile wrapping, laminating foams and upholstery, the car industry and other more specialised sectors.

Today, we are working with adhesive compounds for various types of polymers and are adjusting the physical properties of our products (viscosity, solid content, etc.) to the demands of the end client.

The strategy of Research and Development in this field are focused on the search for less harmful solvents, both for health and for the environment.

In 2002, Neoflex received the prize awarded by the European Solvent Industry Group (ESIG) for the change in its formulations from harmful solvents to less harmful solvents for the footwear industry. Since then, we have continued working in this direction for the development of new products.



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