Automotive interior lamination

Textile lamination in vehicle interiors

When we talk about fabrics for car interiors we are not only referring to conventional cars. Lamination of fabrics for automotive includes every kind of vehicles such as cars, buses, trains, trucks, motorcycles, caravans or any vehicle we can imagine. All of them have seats, ceilings, mats or doors that can be laminated with different types of fabrics.

This type of lamination made with PUR hotmelt meets the highest quality requirements. Strong and fast joints, irreversible, with great resistance to humidity and extreme temperatures, with great climatic changes in short periods of time. In this application also resistance to UV rays becomes essential. The vast majority of vehicles spend hours in the sun, so we need an adhesive with the ability to maintain its color and not yellow.

For any clarification on this type of lamination, do not hesitate to contact our technical assistance team.



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