Lamination of cleaning textiles

Improved quality to extend the durability of sponges

Cleaning fabrics are essential in all homes, but also in companies and public institutions. Even more so in recent times, cleanliness is an increasingly important part of people's lives, since our health also depends on it. Sponges allow us to remove dirt that other types of fabrics would not be able to do.

Although we must change our scourers from time to time to ensure maximum effectiveness, it is important that they have been manufactured under the highest demands on their materials, including sponges, abrasives and adhesive.

In addition to scourers, it is very common to use other types of abrasives, such as sandpaper, or polishing discs that are used for car maintenance.

1-component polyurethane adhesives offer very good performance in this type of lamination, with a flexible and fast bond. It is very important that the adhesives have a strong initial bond with a fast curing, since usually cutting takes place immediately after the lamination.

Polyurethane reactive hot melt (PUR hotmelt) also confers great advantages in this application, since in addition to those previously mentioned, it offers adhesives with greater resistance to temperature and humidity.

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