22 September 2023 |

COIM acquires 100% of the shares of Neoflex

We celebrate the beginning of a new and exciting chapter for our company.

COIM, an Italian multinational with over six decades of experience in chemical manufacturing, has taken a decisive step by acquiring 100% of the shares of Neoflex, S.L, a Spanish company of which it has been the majority shareholder since 2021.

Giuseppe Librandi, President and CEO of COIM, shared his enthusiasm: “The acquisition of the controlling stake performed in 2021 enabled COIM to strengthen its presence on the polyurethane adhesives market, subsequently integrating the COIM polyesters and exploiting numerous synergisms with Neoflex, also in relation to the development of solutions with a low environmental impact. Having completed this acquisition, we will give even greater impetus to the many commercial and technical projects under way on a worldwide scale.”

COIM believes strongly in the development prospects of the adhesives sector, and this acquisition represents the first step in an ambitious growth plan.

This integration represents a strategic symbiosis, merging the extensive experience of both companies and their shared commitment to innovation and sustainability.

Together, we look forward to explore new horizons, reach higher goals, and continue to offer cutting-edge products and solutions to our customers.

See more: https://www.coimgroup.com/coim_acquires_Neoflex