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Our mission is the production and distribution of adhesives for industry, and our greatest asset is our flexibility to adapt to clients and to the market. Research and development play a fundamental role in our field, so our technical team works tirelessly using the latest technology to come up with the best solutions for our clients.

We offer high standards of quality in all our processes, as well as customised advice for our clients.

Oficinas de Neoflex
Interior oficina Neoflex


  • Expansion: To reach the top of our sector in Spain and consolidate our presence in Europe.

  • Flexibility: To continue with the flexibility and adaptability that defines us and gives us the edge over other large companies.

  • Sustainability: To increase our environmental commitment by implementing an environmental management system.

  • Staff: To turn the workplace into a space that encourages inspiration and collaboration, plus promoting in-house training for our employees.

Equipo Neoflex en sala de reuniones


  • Teamwork.

  • Responsibility to the environment around us.

  • Quality in both our products and our services.

  • Continuous development (R&D+i)

  • Family company philosophy.

  • Concern for our employees' welfare.

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