R&D+i Laboratory

The modern facilities include a 500 m2 R&D+i laboratory and a technical applications laboratory.

More than 66% of the technical staff have a degree in chemical sciences and another 10% have some other type of degree.

Equipo Cualificado Neoflex
Investigación de producto en Neoflex

Qualified team

Owing to the high level of qualifications of our staff and the latest cutting-edge equipment, we can tackle the challenges we face to offer the most innovative adhesive products on the market.

Trabajadores en laboratorio Neoflex


Our commitment to the environment and sustainability of our resources lead us to strive continuously to offer the most environmentally friendly products.

Some of our lines of work, which we have been engaged in for several years include the development of products with low isocyanate (free monomer) content, the use of dispersions to reuse solvent-based products in a variety of applications as well as the use of bio-renewable raw materials.


For Neoflex, compliance with and commitment to product safety are fundamental and are deeply integrated into our Health, Safety and Environment programme. We support the REACH standard and its objectives, which coincide with our own philosophy: offering innovative solutions that help create a sustainable future without harming people or the environment.

Neoflex has set up a REACH implementation team, where knowledge and dedication ensure that we comply with our legal obligations and build competitive advantage for our clients.



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