18 December 2018 |

How to choose the right packaging for you?

¿Are you using the Hotmelt PUR packaging you need?


You know well PUR hotmelt adhesives, but do you know what is the right packaging for your production needs?

The choice of the correct packaging is undoubtedly essential when optimizing our production and storage.

Sometimes, we focus so much on the product we are going to acquire, that we leave aside important decisions such as the format we need and how the choice of packaging can help us to obtain better results.

In a world where we have so many shopping alternatives at our disposal, it would be impossible to talk about all the possibilities of packaging in a single article, so we will summarize the most common in the production of polyurethane hotmelt (PUR) adhesives.

The reactive polyurethane hotmelt, by its nature, are hot melt products in the absence of moisture. However, once they come into contact with it, either the humidity or the moisture of the substrates, a reaction occurs whereby they become thermostable products.

Therefore it is essential that the packaging of the reactive hotmelt is produced in the absence of moisture.

The most used containers for PUR adhesives can be either cardboard or metal. The choice of one material or another will depend on the machinery used in the production process.

Here we show you these types of packaging:



2 Liters

In 2L packaging, we have cartons with aluminum bags, used in small productions. For a better use of the space, they are distributed in packs of 6 units. Good for applications of reduced consumption, such as edging, binding of transparent cases …Envase Pur 2L Adhesivos Neoflex

20 Liters. There are 3 subcategories:

Cardboard with aluminum bag. We use this packaging when the adhesive is going to melt in a boiler. To do this we must peel the aluminum bag and then deposit the contents in the boiler.

Envase Pur 20 L Adhesivos Neoflex

Drum with aluminum bag. In this case, the bag is also removed and deposited in the melter tank.

Drum with more resistant aluminum bag. This format is used when the fusion is done with a follower plate fuser equipment.

Envase Resistente 20 Kg Adhesivos Neoflex


200 L


It is the most used in industrial productions. Suitable for 571 mm diameter fuser plate. Suitable for high volume applications, such as sandwich panel manufacturing, textile applications …

Envase Pur 200 Kg Adhesivos Neoflex

If after reading this article you still have any questions about the use of your packaging, do not hesitate to contact our technical team, they will be happy to answer all your questions!

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