Nuevos cartuchos Hotmelt PUR Monomer Low Emission

New cartridges Hotmelt PUR Monomer Low Emission

Reactive polyurethane hotmelt cartridges combine the benefits of high initial bonding cohesion with fast curing to optimise working times.   These products go a step further in environmental friendliness by incorporating isocyanate-free Monomer Low Emission technology.   - NEOTHERM PU-3616 MLE - Universal with a wide range of applications - NEOTHERM PU-3677 MLE - Extra Fast Cure - CARTRIDGE CLEANER 3670 - Cleaner  

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Neoflex has a team of professionals with experience in the adhesives sector who can offer our clients comprehensive solutions and are constantly renewing and updating their skills.

The planet that the next generation will inherit is one of our greatest concerns, so all our R&D efforts are aimed at developing new, environmentally friendly products.

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At Neoflex our everyday work focuses on developing and distributing adhesives for industry.
We work hard to offer our clients a range of products covering traditional applications through to the most innovative production processes.
Our advisory service provides the information needed to choose the most efficient adhesive that best suits the needs.