11 June 2021 |

New alliance Neoflex - COIM

Our constant evolution has led us to a change in our organization, in which we have opened the doors to a new partner, the Italian company COIM S.p.A.

COIM, headquartered in Buccinasco, on the outskirts of Milan, is the sixth Italian chemical group, the first in Italy in the sector of specialized chemicals in the segments of polyesters, polyols, polyurethanes and special resins and among the first in the world in the Polyesters sector for Polyurethane systems.

The synergies derived from this union are multiple, since Neoflex offers solutions with low environmental impact that include the use of raw materials already produced in COIM. This union opens the doors to a greater portfolio of products, as well as a commercial network to reach new customers anywhere in the world.