22 June 2020 |

New range Monomer Low Emission adhesives

Working for a sustainable future


We expand our range of NEOTHERM PU MLE (Monomer Low Emission) products, with a low content of free isocyanate monomer. Our current range includes PUR hotmelt adhesives in applications such as bookbinding, lamination and wood profile wrapping.


What advantages can we get from this new line of hot melt polyurethane adhesives?


– Greater safety for workers. Using MLE adhesives (monomer emission less than 0.1%), we are able to increase safety in the workplace, with no need of incorporating an exhaust system into our equipment.

– Handling these adhesives is as simple as traditional hotmelt adhesives.

– They does not require hazardous labeling: This type of adhesive does not have any danger both in the handling of the operators in production and in the transport of the goods. It is important to take into account the economic and time savings involved in managing shipments and the required documentation. Especially, when products have to go through customs, a hazardous-free labeling allows to speed up the procedures and enjoy faster deliveries.

– It creats a differentiating element. Nowadays, people are increasingly concerned about the environment, and try to find out where the products they consume come from. If we want to convey our concern to them, it is essential our production processes respect our planet as much as possible.


Then, are there any disadvantages when using MLE adhesives?


The main disadvantage faced by consumers of polyurethane hotmelt when switching to an MLE adhesive is its price. Monomer Low Emission adhesives are generally priced higher than traditional ones. These are new developments, which include excellent quality raw materials, and therefore it is not possible to get the same price. However, this difference in price can be compensated in the long term, since it contributes greatly to the great maintenance of the equipment.


Sometimes, the problem is simply that an MLE version has not been developed yet for the application that our customers require. In this case, it will only be a matter of time before our technical team develops the most sustainable alternative.

The trend in the coming years clearly points to products that are more respectful to the environment and workers who handle them. The continued development of these new hotmelt makes it possible to apply them in more and more applications, so that in a short time we will be able to offer an MLE alternative for all our products. It is certainly a trend that will not stop growing.


If you are interested in receiving more information about adhesive with low emission of free monomer isocyanate, you can request it in our contact section